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The world's smallest sensors for LED lighting and Things

Intelligent lighting developers Gooee company claims to have created the world's smallest sensors for LED lighting and Things, after signing an exclusive agreement with DELTA Microelectronics company also includes the latest technology of artificial eye.

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Hong Kong Lighting Fair announced an agreement to create a new 'standard' for the LED lighting industry, sensing, data and control, and Gooee became fixtures manufacturer of innovative photovoltaic ASIC (ASIC) The only technology provider . Gooee company has established an exclusive partnership with EVRYTHNG of Things cloud platform that allows companies to operate Gooee tens of millions of intelligent lighting endpoints in the global network.

Advanced ASIC technology has multiple environmental, human and LED performance perceived ability to detect motion, direction, ambient lighting, LED color temperature difference, LED illumination (Lux) ASIC temperature differences and work to configure 5 x 5 mm chip package.

The LED lighting manufacturer and novel things 'full stack' operating platform is further connected, Gooee company with DELTA company will focus on assistance projects and further development of more advanced sensing capabilities.

Simon Coombes Gooee technical director: 'At present we are still in the chip can do what the surface of the problem, we are developing some incredible features that make Gooee company and its customers in the Internet of Things sensor market has a huge competitive advantage.'

DELTA, vice president of sales and marketing, said Gert Jorgensen: 'We in the technology development company Artificial Eye has put a lot of time and money, and found it perfectly in lighting and the Internet of Things.'

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