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Why LED display the difference would be so big?

Recently heard LED Display And price cuts, Mr. Zhang is ready to buy a piece to enhance the overall image of what their own fruit, but a variety of products to the LED array electronics market, not knowledgeable themselves, can only do a brief introduction by the shopping guide at a preliminary understanding, sincere feel no choice. At last he came to a counter doing activities, because the price is much lower than the other counter, so he determined to buy a piece can be long before this screen appeared dead lights and many other issues, he had to foot the bill, which undoubtedly made him feel very upset.

After reading this story, you are not empathy, blind pursuit of cheap, but ignored the price of the product, really should not, therefore faced with low-priced market malicious trap, you may need to be vigilant!

So why is the same LED display Screen price gap will be so big? We know the most important factor affecting the cost of the LED display is, components of the highest proportion of the cost comes lamp.

So the question is, where is the so-called high-quality lamp in the end was good? And how to identify specific? 

The first trick: Look bracket

Currently, the market mainstream metal lamp holder silver plated copper and iron silver, although both metals only one word, but whether there are significant differences in the electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and price.

led display

Outdoor LED display during use, often to face rain and wet, sunny exposure and other harsh environments, which requires the device must have a good performance, to be able to withstand the outside world for its loss. Corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity Good make devices with longer life, better heat dissipation, the light fades smaller advantage. And we can conclude by comparing the test, the performance is much better than copper iron bracket. However, the price of copper stent is iron frame 10 times, or even more. For this reason, many manufacturers of quality regardless of the device, only the pursuit of low cost, high return, select iron frame as a raw material, and so much of 'low-cost device' will appear on the market.

The second measure: Distinguishing bonding wire

LED lights need via a connection chip and pin as a current conduction path, and acts as a bonding wire this cable. And bracket alloy as bonding wire is an important part of the device, which directly affect lamp pipe quality. manufacturers of the most common bonding wire has copper alloy wire and gold wire.

Gold wire and copper alloy wire contrast, inert stronger, in terms of anti-oxidation, anti-backpressure and manufacturing processes are more dominant, is the best choice for LED device material. However, due to a rare high-purity gold resources expensive, gold price is 10 times the copper wire, copper alloy between the gold wire and cable prices between. So, you want to get better quality LED devices, the price is certainly not so cheap.

So if you want to pursue good quality LED Display ,Do not blindly pursue low-cost, because the cost is out there, who can not escape ah!

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