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Welcome middle eastern partners to our company


It's a great pleasure that our new customers from the Middle East countries come to visit our company, they are very interested in our product, and we sign a cooperation agreement in the future.

China LED display

Our Middle Eastern customers are very interested in our patent of Ultra-Thin LED display, which has many advantages in the Middle East.

Advantages of Ultra-Thin LED Display:

1、Adopt new design concept, using standard module dimension to make different led displays.

2、Adopt new structure design, super light and thin, no longer need traditional heavy cabinet.

3、Better for heat dissipation, lighter, without air conditioner, more energy saving and environment protection.

4、With standard module shape, accurate size, more rigorous for assembling, better for display effect.

shenzhen solecolor

Certifications of Shenzhen Solecolor

The introduction of the factory line