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Brief introduction:

LED pixel light bar also called LED pixels lamp, and LED linear light. LED pixel light is a kind of intelligent lamps which can change its lightening effects by emitting pixels on its surface, this make it able to replace a certain size display. Lamps connected by professional waterproof connectors to form points, lines, squares and various shapes to display text and images. In real project, it can be not only composed to regular graphics like rectangular, square, bars, but also spherical, triangles and other shapes to display animation.

Using imported silicone waterproof seal, product property is better, life span is longer which make it outstanding for outdoor installation. This product is small size, light weight, low power consumption, so it is widely used in advertising and decorating lighting projects, Plaza, landscape engineering, municipal lighting projects, all kinds of straight or curved contours, shaped building light show project. New structure design, available for wire suspended and fixed supported.

DIP or SMD encapsulation, lumens depreciation less than 2% per year, long lifespan, low power consumption,  pure color, cold light source without hot radiation, no harm to eyes and skin, no pollution element like lead and mercury, so it’s totally environmental; Lamp’s body made of aluminum and PC material, no gap, exquisite beautiful, high dissipation performance, the superficial static electricity spurts models, self-cleaning and anti-corrosion. Dissipation lamp body structure, low surface temperature,anti-shock and antifriction. This product can be controlled by DMX 512 system for full color changing, watering and fantasy effect, uniform light color, soft and gorgeous; Full fill with upscale and polymer silicone,(silicone is flexible, anti-shedding, and anti-aging),  to achieve good waterproof performance, ingress protection grade is IP 65; LED pixel lamp can displayed text, graphic and video, control pattern can be monochrome long lightening, dynamic full color control, computer online synchronization control or offline control; All LED light encapsulated by automatic solid crystal, wire lead-free processes of production, lifespan 50,000 hours; humanized structure design, easy installation and maintenance, is wildly used in various projects.


1. High energy-saving: electronic-optic conversion efficiency above 90%;

2. Long lifespan: solid cold light source, automatic solid crystal, wire lead-free processes of production, lifespan50,000 hours;

3. Environmental: low glares, no radiation, contain no mercury and release no harmful substances;

4. Color purity: Emitting by LED directly, no other bands of light;

5. Multi-transformation: Able to display text, images and video effects by using LED controller;

High brightness, high density LED bar lamp, suitable for large building animation, graphics, video and animated ads displays. Control pattern can be serial shift interface or DMX interface and available to change the light independently; each lamp can be considered as a group 256 grey levels change of each R G B LED chip, synthesis of more than 16.7 million colors; achieve synchronous color gradual changing and chasing effects, color transits smoothly, mellow, delicate and natural.


House lighting, wall decoration, residential and commercial plaza lighting, bridges, roads, landmarks and other urban lighting, landscape, tourist attractions decoration, bar, KTV and other entertainment decoration, stage performances, parties, concerts decoration, advertising, media decoration.

Product model


Product dimensions

500×35×28(mm×mm×mm)(Lengths can be selected)

Lamp weights


LED quantity


Emitting color

Full color(For customization: Red、、Blue、Yellow、White Etc.)

LED packaging



625 nm, 1000 mcd


525 nm, 2000 mcd


 465 nm, 550 mcd

Point count


Input voltage

DC 24 V

Rated power

12 W

Color types


Gray level


Drive mode

Constant Current Driver

Control mode

Online or Offline

Transmission distance

between sub-control and lighting≤3 m,Between the lamps and lighting≤3 m(Over this distance need to add a repeater, repeater≤25 m)

Shell material

PC Matt mask + high thermal conductivity aluminum

Shell color

Matte silver (Light colors optional)

Operating temperature

-35℃~ +50℃

Operating humidity

10%RH ~ 90%RH

Protection class

IP 65


≥50000 hours

Control protocol

Single Wire Protocol SRZ (Serial zero mode)

Packing size


12W Pixel Bar Lamps P62.512W Pixel Bar Lamps P62.5