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LED display


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  • LED display
  • LED display
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Brief introduction:
Led indoor lighting including LED panel lights, LED fluorescent tube, LED down light and so on. LED (Light-Emitting-Diode) is a kind of semiconductor which is able to convert electrical energy into visible light, it’s a big revolution to three basis colors powder emitting of energy-saving lamp and tungsten emitting of incandescent lamp in a new emitting way of electroluminescence.
1. More than 50% energy saving, high brightness, uniformity, soft, no radiation, no ultraviolet light and no glare;
2. Lifespan up to five years.
3. Low operating voltage, safe from electrical hazards.
4. Configure wide voltage power supply, 100-240 V input, worldwide.
5. Quick starting, DC working, no flicker, no noise.
6. Efficiency constant current driver.
7. Professional circuit design, each group is able to work separately, avoiding the single broken LED influence of the light effect.
8. Strong anti-interference ability, free from outside waves influence, meets CE requirements.
This product is wildly used in Hotel, Meeting room, Factory or office, Commercial places, School, Residential or public facilities, Hospital and other lightening sites.

Product model


Product dimensions


Rated power

36 W

Input voltage

AC 85 V-265 V

Lighting color temperature

    3800-6500 K

Show Index


Light effect

     80l m/W

Power factor


Viewing angle




Adjust the light



   >30000 hours