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Brief introduction:
LED points light has been applying in many industries as the progress of technology, but there’s disagreement on the concept between Point light source and LED Point light source. Point light source refers to area, its super small and negligible; meanwhile LED light source is a emitting point of LED chips which is a kind and an extremely important kind of point light sources.
There are red, green, yellow, blue, purple, blue, white, full-color LED Point Light, can be programmed to control multi-synchronous changes to demonstrate full color, transiting, scanning, watering and other full color changing effects, point light source can also constitute a dot matrix screen, change into a variety of pictures, text, animation, etc. It’s widely used in building contour, amusement parks, billboards, wide streets, stage other decorative places because of its low power consumption and super long lifespan characters.
1. Die-cast aluminum lamp body, car aluminum, aviation aluminum, electrostatic spray anti-aging surface, self-cleaning and corrosion resistance.
2. Antiflaming PC material or thicker tempered glass, good seismic resistance and impact resistance.
3. Luminaries internal processing with waterproof silicone sealing, high quality silicone potting or extrusion waterproof silicone sealing ring.
4. Ergonomic light distribution, low glare lightening. High quality imported LED products, high stability, low power consumption, no heat, long lifespan, energy saving, soft light color and high brightness.
5. Multi control modes to implement various effects, such as jumping, gradual changing, transiting, and watering, chasing and scanning. 
6. Whole structure cooling technology, efficient heat dissipation performance, easy installation and maintenance.
For building body, bridge outline, hotels, playgrounds, billboards, walls and other indoor or outdoor decoration.

Модель товара TOP-PS-006SXFC024V1.5W-XXX-A1
Размер товара 66×50(mm×mm)(lamp lengths for customization)
Вес лампы 0.25 Kg
Количество LED 6/point
Цвет испускаемого света Full color(For customization: Red, Blue, Yellow, White Etc.)
Конфигурация S M D 3535
Красный  625 nm, 1000 mcd
Зелёный  525 nm, 2000 mcd
Синий  465 nm, 550  mcd
Количество пикселей 1
Входное напряжение DC 24 V
Номинальная мощность 1.5 W
Тип цветов 16700000
Оттенки серого 256(4096 Optional)
Метод привода Constant Current Driver
Режим управления Online or Offline
Дистанция передачи between sub-control and lighting≤3 m,Between the lamps and lighting≤3 m(Over this distance need to add a repeater, repeater≤25 m)
Материал оболочки PC Matt mask + high thermal conductivity aluminum
Цвет оболочки Matte silver (Light colors optional)
Диапазон рабочей температуры -35℃~ +50℃
Диапазон рабочей влажности 10%  90%RH
Класс защиты IP 65
Срок жизни ≥50000 hours
Протокол управления Single Wire Protocol SRZ (Serial zero mode)
Размер упаковки 140×120×120(mm×mm×mm)